2021 International Conference on Financial Management and Economic Transition(FMET 2021)
Welcome Assoc.Prof Shizhong Tian to be our Keynote Speakers !


                Keynote Speakers

                       FMET 2021


Assoc. Prof  Shizhong Tian

Economics SchoolAnhui University

Speech Title:

Basic paradigms, cases and trends of financial expenditure performance evaluation


Paying attention to the performance evaluation of financial expenditure is an important embodiment of implementing the comprehensive budget performance management. At present, financial expenditure performance evaluation focuses on post evaluation, which is divided into two paradigms: qualitative evaluation and quantitative evaluation, but there are great differences in evaluation methods and evaluation index system. Through the introduction of two cases of financial expenditure performance evaluation, this paper makes an in-depth explanation. On this basis, it points out the development trend and focus of performance evaluation of fiscal expenditure in the future.